Organisation Coordinator

Shreenandini is a second-year law student at National Law University, Mumbai. She is passionate about gender justice & free speech. She aspires to contribute to feminist jurisprudence and believes in bringing change in and outside of court.


Organisation Coordinator

Muskan Malik is an Economics major at St.Xaviers College, Mumbai. With an undying resolve to bring about change in society, Muskan aims to guide and empower underprivileged children and help them realize their full potential.


Finance Manager

Ruchika Roy is an Economics and International Relations major at Boston University. She has a keen inclination towards matters of finance and a passion to ameliorate the condition of animals in her home city .


Recipient Coordinator

Trisha Patel is a humanities student studying psychology and anthropology from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. Passionate about understanding human behaviour and the society we live in. She hosts a keen interest in making help for mental health more accessible to all and advocate for empathy and compassion. 


Recipient Coordinator

Rutuja Jawale is a student of Economics and Political Science at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. Dismayed by the condition of the homeless and the poor, Rutuja wishes to do her bit to serve the marginalized and the necessitous.


Design Director

Riddhi Dedhia is a third year User Experience Design student at MIT Institute of Design, Pune. With a keen interest in research, analysis and graphical user interface, she aims at integrating creativity and a logical approach to uncover ideal design interventions.


PR Manager

Simran Shah is a media student at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. An aspiring advertiser, Simran has an eye for all things creative and a heart for making Bombay a better place for its inhabitants.


PR Manager

Nishka Shah is a student of Psychology and Anthropology at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. As a conscious consumer, her goal is to help improve the health and lifestyle choices of the disadvantaged.


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